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New to PayIt? We offer a secure, digital platform that transforms how residents connect with their governments.


  • Who is PayIt LLC? plus-icon minus-icon

    PayIt is simplifying doing business with state and local government through its award-winning digital government and payment platform. Along with our government partners, we are transforming the customer experience and making government more moder...
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  • Create a Profile plus-icon minus-icon

    To create a Profile, you must first sign in following these steps:   1. Visit app/website you are using     2. Click on Continue to PayIt Login     3. Choose to Sign Up For any of the social media options (Apple, Facebook, or Google), your Prof...
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  • Which sign-on method is the most secure? plus-icon minus-icon

    All sign-on methods are equally secure. Options are provided for your convenience.
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  • Why should I sign in instead of continuing as a guest? plus-icon minus-icon

    By signing up and creating a profile, PayIt is able to pre-populate form fields and expedite the payment process on your next visit and store all paid receipts. Depending on the app, a Profile also enables scheduling and managing payments and eBil...
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  • Contact PayIt Support plus-icon minus-icon

    If you have questions, concerns, or feedback to share, please get in touch! Use the blue "Help" widget in the bottom corner of the screen, or send an email to 
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